Heart Health Tips

1.  eat a Heart-Healthy Diet

There are so many reasons to eat healthy, and your heart just got added to the list. When it comes to a heart-healthy diet, it’s important to trim unhealthy fats, high-sodium foods, and sugary drinks; but it’s also important to remember all the delicious things you can add to your diet.

Try incorporating these tasty and heart-healthy foods to your next meal, and remember that you can always use your favorite Vitality™ essential oils for extra flavor!

♦ Salmon, albacore tuna, and other fish high in omega-3 fatty acids

Whole grains like steel-cut oats, brown rice, and whole-grain bread

♦ Fruits and vegetables

2.  cultivate healthy habits

Habits big and small make a difference on your heart. Cultivate an attitude of overall wellness and incorporate these healthy choices into your daily routine.

♦ Get 6-8 hours of sleep per night to allow your body time to recover and recuperate.  Use our Sleep Support class with tips to help your body get some much-needed rest and recovery.

Stop smoking and tobacco use.  Smoking makes you 2-4 times more likely to develop heart disease, and it keeps oxygen from your brain, increases your risk for blood clots, inhibits your ability to be physically active, and increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

♦ Avoid excessive alcohol use. 

3.  Add Young living's cardiogize to your routine

Even when you work hard to care for your heart, you don’t always make the best decisions every single day. Supplement your heart-healthy choices with CardioGize™, a naturally derived supplement formulated to support healthy heart function and blood circulation.*

This supplement includes astragalus, dong quai, motherwort, and hawthorn berry, which have all been used traditionally to support the cardiovascular system. Plus, the deodorized garlic and CoQ10 in CardioGize also promote healthy circulation and have antioxidant properties.

4.  Live an active lifestyle

Just like any other muscle, the best way to make your heart stronger is to work out. Whether you prefer high-intensity workouts or a slow burn, these tips can help keep your heart in tip-top shape. 

♦ Get moving! Go for a run, bike ride, or swim to get your heart pumping. Not sure where to add a workout in your busy schedule? Try incorporating exercise into your day.

♦ Find ways to take stress off your body and your heart. In addition to working out, relax and unwind through yoga, meditation, or anything that helps you calm your body and mind.