Candy, Flowers & Cards!
Have you ever wondered about the history of Valentine’s Day?  How this day came to symbolize candy, flowers and gifts exchanged between loved ones around the world?

Well, its history is not quite as romantic!  There was a time in ancient Rome when young men were not allowed to marry because it was believed to make them better warriors than those with wives and families.  However, a priest named Valentine defied this, and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret.  The Emperor found out and executed the priest.  The Catholic church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine – all were martyred!  

During the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed in France and England that February 14 was the beginning of birds’ mating season, which further adds to the idea. Chaucer and Shakespeare both romantiziced it in their work with the writing of love letters and poems.  While handmade paper cards became the “it” thing in the Middle Ages.

Today, February 14this still the day to express love, romance and send cards and gifts to our loved ones.

Here are some tips on showing love on Valentine’s Day.

#1:   Give gifts that speak to your partner’s love language.  
Each of us feel loved and valued when another person gives us time and attention. Gifts that are thoughtful and a tender touch can show appreciation and love. There are 5 universal love languages that all show love. While we can feel love from any of the 5 love languages, we tend to receive love the most with one or two specific ones. This is your dominant love language.

Knowing and giving love based on your partner’s love language can be especially fulfilling for them. I highly recommend The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and taking the love language assessment here

#2:   “Kidnap” them and take them somewhere special.
Plan something for a day when you know they don't have anything going on, tell them you have a fun date arranged, blindfold them, drive around to make sure they don’t know where you’re going, and then go to the location. This could be an activity you’ve always wanted to do together but haven’t had the chance to do yet or something simple that you do together all the time. The added mystery makes it more fun.

#3:   Have a sunset picnic.
So many times, we have picnics during the day, so mix things up and plan a picnic for sunset instead. According to a 
recent survey, sunsets are more romantic anyway.  You could do this at the beach, on the bank of a river or lake, in an open park, or anywhere else that you know has a good view. Try to get there an hour before the sun actually sets, so you can enjoy your picnic snacks and drinks before. Then just focus on each other and the scenery once the sun starts sinking.

#4:   Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, not just romantic relationships.
You may have heard it said that Valentine’s day could be called “Singles Awareness Day”.  Remember, Valentine’s Day is a time when we celebrate love in all forms.  A father can express love to his daughter.  A mother can express love to her son.  Friends can express love for one another.

Think of ways that you can express love to several people around you.  Consider a card for your siblings or a special treat for your kids.  Be creative; show others you care and have fun!

As you read this, consider this a challenge to reach out to at least one non-partnered friend this Valentine’s Day, and remind them how much they are loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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PSS … As February is also Heart  Month, watch my next blog on Heart Health!


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